We Have a Clear Strategy for the Future

We have a unique offering for our winemakers and our customers. Our priority is to continue to improve this while expanding our reach to disrupt how the entire industry works.

Why do we get up in the morning? Because we’re doing our best to shake up an entire industry. Our differentiated model provides truly sustainable benefits for Angels and winemakers, built on the latest technology. We think that’s pretty exciting.

The biggest challenges independent winemakers face is access to capital and access to distribution and consumers – we handle all of this. We connect the winemaker directly with our Angels, allowing for direct feedback and ratings which is invaluable data, used to make even better wine. As a result, we are able to attract some of the world’s top winemakers, who become part of a community that deepens engagement and loyalty. Our Angel members connect directly to our winemakers and fellow members via our website and mobile app and we provide a platform for our members to consume content, learn about wine and meet the people behind the wines.

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1. Enhancing Customer Proposition to Improve LTV


We delivered significant value to our customers in FY21. We are focused on enhancing the offering for our customers, which will drive Lifetime Value (LTV).

First, to enhance the customer proposition we are focused on:

  • Improving e-commerce infrastructure and user experience
  • Enhancing the core shopping experience for our Angels
    1. Improving recommendations to aid customer discovery
    2. Including more awards and critic reviews
  • Extending the scope of subscription products
  • Enhancing wine quality perception

Second, we will enhance Naked’s wine quality perception through:

  • Increased recognition of wine quality in our app and our marketing communications
  • Leading with the winemaker, rather than the value offering
  • Expanding the number of winemakers and the wine range

2. Leverage Scale to Enhance Value Creation

Operating at scale further enhances our differentiated model.

  • Scaling global network to commit to volumes and unlock predictable cost reductions
  • Attracting more winemakers and increasing the range and volume capacity
  • Delivering even better wine and value for our customers
  • Growing our members and expanding our ecosystem

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3. Broaden and Enhance our Go To Market Strategy

By continuing to drive customer value by enhancing our customer proposition and gaining scale efficiencies, we create the opportunity to increase investment in customer acquisition while maintaining attractive returns.

In addition to broadening channels, we have three key areas of focus on our go-to-market strategy for the coming year:

  • Personalising the new customer offering by tailoring it to individual needs and taste preferences
  • Improving the new customer onboarding process
  • Continuing to spend £3m p.a. on Marketing R&D to expand the channels through which we acquire customers

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