The Wine Industry Needs Naked

The Problems We're Solving

We have a clear and compelling mission: To disrupt the wine industry for the benefit of customers, winemakers and our people.

Wine Drinkers
The problems
  • Consumers are unhappy with the level of choice & knowledge
  • Told by the industry what to drink and what to like
  • Not giving any input in the process
  • Paying too much for good-quality wine
The solutions
  • Exclusive access to world class wines & winemakers, with personalised recommendations
  • Quality / value advantage with satisfaction & pricing guarantees
  • Vibrant community of shared interest
The problems
  • Winemakers are under immense pressure to meet stringent cost levels & unrealistic product time limits
  • Experiencing small business pains including funding, scalability & marketing
The solutions
  • Autonomy - creative freedom with the winemaker's own brand
  • Security – limited capital risk with guaranteed, multi-year commitment
  • Reward – potential for high income & to scale rapidly
  • Passion – ability to focus on what you love, making great wines
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Our subscribers (Angels) generate a stream of cash and product data The larger the Angel base, the more cash we receive from monthly subscription payments.
We use this money to back independent winemakers to make wine exclusively for us; the data enables them to make better wine The more Angel funds we have, the more winemakers we can onboard and offer them larger volumes and longer contract terms.
Winemakers focus on creating beautiful wines and we handle the rest - resulting in preferential prices This offers our angels beautiful wines which drives higher retention.
Building a bigger, better business unlocks scale economies Naked can share efficiencies with winemakers and offer better value to customers, while generation attractive margins.

Our Model is Hard to Replicate

Our ecosystem is well established and the barriers to entry are high.
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Over Naked’s 12 years we have:

  • Become well established: Our winemakers operate at scale, benefiting from an established and optimised network of marketing partners, and a large base of loyal, engaged customers.
  • Unrivalled tech: We own unique and valuable technology and data that enables warehouse and fulfilment providers, class leading customer service, and social interactions with winemakers.
  • Made sustained investment: It takes time and sustained investment to recruit winemakers, produce wine, build a distribution network and recruit customers.
  • An advantageous model: We operate in large and growing markets, with access to exclusive wines and winemakers.

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