Our Values are Based on Our Virtuous Circle of “Doing the Right Thing” for Our Customers, People, Suppliers and Shareholders

The Board believes this is vital to creating a sustainable, growing business and is a key responsibility of the Group. This culture supports the Group's objectives to grow the business through acquiring and retaining customers rather than through opening stores.

It is the Board's job to ensure that the Group is managed for the long-term benefit of all shareholders, with effective and efficient decision-making. Corporate governance is an important part of that job, reducing risk and adding value to our business.

Read more in our Corporate Governance Statement of Compliance with the QCA Corporate Governance Code

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It sets out the steps taken by Naked Wines plc to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chains.

Please see our full statement here:
Modern Slavery Statement (March 2023)

Our Gender Pay Gap (April 2021)

  1. Measuring our Gender Pay Gap
    Naked Wines (UK employment) Mean
    Women's hours rate is 36%
    Women's bonus pay is 72%
    Naked Wines (UK employment) Of Men Of Women
    Who received bonus pay 78% 69%
    Naked Wines UK Men Women
    Top 71% 29%
    Upper middle 67% 33%
    Middle 69% 33%
    Lower middle 26% 74%
    Total 58% 42%
  2. Understanding our Pay Gap:

    Our UK gender-based pay analysis shows some positive year-on-year development but continues to be influenced by two distorting factors:

    • The Group employs a high proportion of technology and IT roles in the UK where, despite progress in this area this year, our team and the market from which we recruit remains under-represented by female staff.
    • The last of the historic management acquisition “lock-in” shares vested during the year. These shares rewarded founders of Naked Wines for achieving a minimum value creation over the period after Naked was acquired by Majestic Wine in 2015. As per last year’s analysis, the bonus figures for the current year are distorted as a result of an unequal gender split of the founders of Naked Wines.
  3. Taking action:

    The Group remains actively engaged in initiatives to promote gender pay equality. In the year, we have commissioned an audit of our current policies and procedures, for example around recruitment and appraisal, to ensure gender pay equality, and the business will act on its findings.

    In order to further address gender pay equality, Naked is working in collaboration with external consultants to explore and address areas of cultural bias that may be continuing to influence our recruitment and remuneration policy application.

Responsible Retailing

The Group recognises that alcohol misuse, underage drinking and poor health issues causing real concern today. Naked Wines takes these matters very seriously and we are committed to the responsible retailing of alcohol in order to help mitigate their impact. We are a supporter of Drinkaware, the government sponsored trust which promotes responsible drinking. In addition, we have signed up to the Government’s Responsibility Deal which aims to improve public health by encouraging responsible drinking. We ensure that customers have access to information about alcohol on our website and in our promotional literature. Staff training includes principles of social responsibility and alcohol misuse and all tasting events encourage customers to enjoy wine responsibly.

UK Tax Strategy

This document sets out the Tax Strategy of Naked Wines plc and its UK subsidiary undertakings for the Financial Year 2020-21. Naked Wines plc is making this strategy available to fulfil its obligations under Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016.

Please see our full statement here:
Tax Strategy

Ethics and Transparency

Please see Company policies here.