Many of our Winemakers are Passionate About Sustainable Winemaking

Many already take additional steps beyond standard sustainable farming practices by adopting organic methods. To support our winemakers and growers further we have outlined a structure where we aim to help them grow sustainably.

Renewable Energy
Biodiversity in the Vineyard
Building Climate Resilience
Sustainably Naked
Adopting Best Practice Standards
Demonstrably Low Carbon
Innovationg on Waste


Wine boxes

The production of bottles and closures (corks and bottle tops), as well as packaging (boxes and corrugated packaging), contributes to the overall environmental footprint of our organisation. Through targeted actions such as utilising recycled and recyclable materials, offering alternative formats and reducing bottle weights we are seeking to reduce our impact.


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Across Naked Wines we undertake the importation of wine in bulk, particularly from intercontinental locations requiring long distance sea freight. Importing in bulk uses less energy than transporting the finished product but it can also have cost and quality benefits.

Our efforts are not just limited to transporting wine to our warehouses. In the UK, we offer our customers the option to use over 10,000 Collect+ Points nationwide. These allow customers to pick up/return their ordered items via a Collect+ Point at their most convenient time and location. This means fewer delivery vans on the road,reducing pollution and congestion.


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We have a dedicated staff network of sustainability champions who share ideas and best practice. Their expertise of how Naked Wines operates means that they are able to identify opportunities for improvement that may otherwise have been overlooked.

Alongside a staff network, we have a dedicated subsection of the Angel community online - the “Green Wings”. Angels regularly engage with the team, contributing ideas and asking questions about sustainability initiatives.