Connecting Everyday Wine Drinkers With The World's Best Independent Winemakers

There are four things you should know about Naked Wines.

1. We Offer Winemakers Hope, Certainty and Creative Freedom

We are making an impact in the wine industry. Independent winemakers have faced several challenges; but bridging that divide is what we do best, offering advance funding and large, regular orders, while leaving creative freedom where it belongs – with winemakers.

We’ve retained our broad commitment to positively impact the wine industry as a whole. We have supported independent producers and our entire team is dedicated to building a leading platform that enables winemakers to have a viable alternative to traditional distribution models that are failing them, and leaving them highly exposed from the channel shift to online.

2. We Are Disrupting the Wine Industry

Why do we get up in the morning? Because we’re doing our best to shake up an entire industry. Our differentiated model provides truly sustainable benefits for Angels and winemakers, built on the latest technology. We think that’s pretty exciting.

The biggest challenges independent winemakers face is access to capital and access to distribution and consumers – we handle all of this. We connect the winemaker directly with our Angels, allowing for direct feedback and ratings which is invaluable data, used to make even better wine.

3. After a Year We’ll Never Forget, Naked is a Bigger, Better Business

We are all experiencing extraordinary times. FY21 has been transformational for Naked Wines, where we have made substantial progress towards our vision. Demand increased rapidly in all of our markets, particularly the US. This gives us an opportunity to leverage our new scale.

Naked is not just a larger business, but a permanently better one:

  • Scale efficiencies improve our value offering
  • Enhanced data for our winemakers
  • Attractive returns on our investment
4. We Have a Clear Strategy for the Future

We have a unique offering for our winemakers and our customers. Our priority is to continue to improve this while expanding our reach to disrupt how the entire industry works.

Read more about our strategy here.

Find out more in our Annual Report.

We Are a Mission-Driven Company

Naked Wines supports independent winemakers, who make exclusive wines at preferential prices. We pass those prices on to our customers and customise our recommendations to them using the c.29 million reviews in our data base.

Following a period where external circumstances have created substantial operational challenges, it’s more important than ever for a company to have a clear sense of identity and mission. Our commitment to transform the wine industry enables us to retain focus and our teams instinctively continue to look for ways to broaden that impact.

See more information on our business model here.

Our Purpose

Connect everyday wine drinkers with the world’s best independent winemakers.

Our Mission

To disrupt the wine industry for the benefit of our customers, winemakers and our people.

Our Ambition

To go from impacting individuals to changing how an entire industry works by shaping the whole wine industry in our image.

Total Addressable Market

We see potential for market share gain in all our geographies; however, the opportunity is the largest in the US where the market is larger than the rest of the world in terms of size and gross profit potential.

Excl. states cannot sell to
Wine < $10 a bottle
Those who buy wine regularly
Those interested in wine
Naked $25bn TAM
Top three countries by TAM size

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