You can heal broken hearts — with the help of Daryl and Colby Groom

You can heal broken hearts — with the help of Daryl and Colby Groom

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After undergoing two open-heart surgeries before age 10, Colby Rex Groom was ready to make a difference for kids like him.

Colby was born with congenital heart disease – undergoing back-to-back open-heart surgeries before the third grade.

I’m glad I had two open-heart surgeries,” Colby told his dad, winemaker Daryl Groom. “It’s made me who I am today.”

He wanted to help other kids like him – so he asked his dad (legendary winemaker Daryl Groom) if they could team up and make a wine to raise money for heart research so that “no kid would have to go through what he went through.”

Their passion project started out as two barrels’ worth of wine and grew in the best possible way

The family’s raised $1.5 million for heart research and causes since!

And Colby’s become a national spokesman for heart health — a hero for thousands of kids like him and a major advocate for organizations like the American Heart Association and The Children’s Heart Foundation.

Daryl and Colby (age 11) making their first-edition of charitable wines

Nine years in, the Grooms are so close to their lifetime goal of raising $2 million for heart health — and now customers part of that story. Angels have already raised $106,000 for the cause through pre-orders of Daryl’s special project.

That’s enough for The Children’s Heart Foundation to launch a new heart research fund — in Colby’s name!

Just like Daryl told me — “You may have a broken heart, or a heart that’s had repair, but no matter what, you’ve got a good heart.”

That means you are the perfect person to help the cause.

Are you a new customer? Help Daryl, Colby and The Children’s Heart Foundation by pre-ordering a special DRG 3-pack.

Existing customers can support the project with a special-edition 9-pack. $1 from each bottle goes heart health in perpetuity.

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