Our $5 million pledge to save independent wineries

Our $5 million pledge to save independent wineries

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With an ongoing international health crisis, the reverberating impact of business closures – including bars, restaurants and winery tasting rooms – is being felt by winemakers everywhere.

To help the industry and our global community of winemakers, we want to help broadcast the stories of family wineries and winemakers worldwide.

How can we help save the world’s small producers?

Nakedwines.com can give winemakers access to our online platform – and the ability to immediately sell their wine when they would otherwise have no support.

We’ll then introduce their wines to our incredible global community – a combined 500,000 Angel customers here in the US, UK and Australia – as support.

We are so proud to announce that we are making $5 million available to buy wine from struggling family-owned wineries and winemakers. And that support can start today.

If you’re a winemaker in need or know a small winery looking for support, here’s how to know if the fund is right for you:

You are an independent wine producer or winemaker;

You have a proven track record of making quality wines;

You have evidence of COVID business impact;

and approval from any agency or importers to share your wines

If you’re an independent winemaker or family winery in need of support, tell us your wine story and apply for support for the fund.

This is our love letter to the industry. And it’s all for you.

Winemakers impacted by the crisis are encouraged to visit www.nakedwines.com/covidsupport to apply for support from the fund.

Apply for Winemaker Covid Support

We want to hear from any affected independent winemakers, no matter where you are in the world.

As long as you produce top-quality wines and are able to sell to us, we want to hear from you and we want to help.

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