scores ‘Best Wine Club’ title at USA TODAY scores ‘Best Wine Club’ title at USA TODAY

USA TODAY 10Best Winner - Best Wine Club, US - 2019

Today is an exciting Friday – and one that will go down in the Naked HQ history books…

because it’s our first day as the Best Wine Club in the US – a title granted to us by the fine folk at USA TODAY’s 10Best Readers Choice Awards.

Here’s how it all unfolded:

A total of 20 nominees – including the largest and most established wine clubs in the US – were chosen by a panel of wine experts and master sommeliers (read: professional wine tasters), prominent food and drink journalists and editors from USA TODAY and

…and USA TODAY opened the vote up to the public, asking wine drinkers and readers across America who they thought offered the best wine selection and bang for your buck.

4 nailbiting weeks later, the contest ended… and it was an impatient waiting game here at the office, filled with much pacing and distraction games of ping-pong…

On August 23, 2019, we officially became the winner. We’re the #1 Wine Club in the country! Really, it was an honor to be nominated…

…but it’s a blast to win.

Thank you for making us the Best.

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