A special thank you from Matt Parish

A special thank you from Matt Parish

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Matt Parish

From tenures at Beringer and Stags’ Leap and successful harvests around the world from Rioja to Rutherford, you might think one of the world’s best winemakers had done it all – but that was before nakedwines.com Angels entered the picture. This is a special contribution from Matt – and it comes with a big thank you.

Matt Parish is one of 60 of the world’s best winemakers supported by the community of nakedwines.com.

Dear Angels,

It’s my 30th harvest as a winemaker and my 15th in Napa.

Of all the regions I’ve made wines in over the years, Napa Valley is where I feel most at home. And of all the wines I’ve made in 30 harvests, the wines I make for you are the most special.

I thought my winemaking to-do list was all crossed off… until you came along. It’s time I said a proper thank you

I’ve always wanted to be part of the story of iconic wines — it’s an ambition that’s taken me all around the globe. I started off as a “flying winemaker,” jetting off from my native New Zealand to soar between hemispheres and help bring the world’s great wines to life.

Eventually, I touched down in the capital of American wine, where I had the huge honor of becoming the Chief Winemaker overseeing numerous star-studded wineries in Napa — icons of wine like Beringer Vineyards and Stags’ Leap Winery.

I’d had so many opportunities along the way, and as the years flew by, I started to wonder what was left to achieve as a winemaker.

Then Angels and nakedwines.com gave me the opportunity I never expected.

When I found out about this ambitious new startup in its early days, the chance to make the wines I loved, for wine drinkers like you, I jumped on the opportunity.

So, with a new community of Angels behind me, I began an unexpected winemaking chapter…

…as Chief Winemaker for Matt Parish, making the world’s great wines with pure enjoyment at their heart.

“Your support helps me champion my beloved Valley in the best possible way.

Building a wine brand (the only to be branded with my name) was an incredible dream fulfilled by the wildest wine company in the business — yours.

And the wine I fell in love with making here in America — extravagant, world-famous Napa Cabernet — now has my own personal stamp.

There’s no winegrowing region I love more than this Valley and sharing the stories of its best vineyards, grapegrowers and wines.

Now each year, thanks to you, I get to do just that.

…Because with your help, I can make luxurious wines like Napa Cabernet accessible to everyday wine drinkers — not to mention rich, smooth, and just plain fun to drink.

As if that weren’t enough, I get the special privilege of hearing straight from the people who are enjoying my wines.

In all my years as a winemaker, I can tell you how rare that interaction is — and I read every post you write gladly.

At the end of the day, it’s the small comments and exchanges with Angels that bring so much meaning to me.

As thanks, I want to bring you all the things I love about your community, and this incredibly special region, all channeled into this special bottle — a gift.

Napa Cabernet brought you and I together — and it’s the biggest thanks I can give.

Your grateful winemaker,
Matt Parish

Nakedwines.com Angels have a special gift from Matt Parish inside this Heartfelt Thank You Case – available this October while bottles last.

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