A special thank you, and the days ahead

A special thank you, and the days ahead

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Nakedwines.com-Wings-LogoIt’s incredibly touching how many Angels have reached out to see how your winemakers around the world and your team here in Napa are holding up in these uncertain times. 

Staying connected is important right now, and your support and concern mean the world to us. So we’d like to tell you a little about how we’re planning to make it through all this with you…

Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of everyone who makes your wines possible – from winemakers to everybody around the office – and we’re taking every step we can to weather this with their best interests at heart. 

First things first, we’re empowering our employees and winemakers to make good long-term decisions for themselves and their communities.

That means giving all our full time staff the tools they need to work from home, and pausing all non-essential travel and in-person gatherings. 

We’re also changing our policies to make sure our staff has access to paid leave so they are able to take time off if needed. 

On top of that, we’re keeping in regular contact with your winemakers and working closely with our suppliers to manage the situation, including our distribution partners who have put in place additional cleaning and monitoring protocols.

Thank you again for keeping us in your thoughts. We’ll keep doing everything we can to connect wine drinkers and winemakers.

If you’re safe, well, and in a position to enjoy a glass or two, we hope nakedwines.com can offer a little light relief in a time of great concern.

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