Interim Dividend 2019 - 205.2p27/12/201915/01/2020
Interim Dividend 2018 - 192.0p30/11/201821/12/2018
Final Dividend 2017 - 185.2p22/06/201815/08/2018
Interim Dividend 2017 - 182.0p01/12/201722/12/2017
Final Dividend 2016-173.6p23/06/201716/08/2017
Interim Dividend 2016-171.5p25/11/201623/12/2016
Final Dividend 2015-16**0.0pn/an/a
Interim Dividend 2015-16**0.0pn/an/a
Final Dividend 2014-15**0.0pn/an/a
Interim Dividend 2014-154.2p12/12/201409/01/2015
Final Dividend 2013-1411.8p18/07/201415/08/2014
Interim Dividend 2013-144.2p06/12/201303/01/2014
Final Dividend 2012-13 11.8p19/07/201316/08/2013
Interim Dividend 2012-134.0p 07/12/201204/01/2013
Final Dividend 2011-12 11.8p20/07/201217/08/2012
Interim Dividend 2011-123.8p 09/12/201106/01/2012
Final Dividend 2010-119.7p 15/7/201112/8/2011
Interim Dividend 2010-113.3p 10/12/2010 7/1/2011
Final Dividend 2009-107.5p 16/7/201013/8/2010
Interim Dividend 2009-102.8p 11/12/20098/1/2010
Final Dividend 2008-09 7.0p 17/7/200914/8/2009
Interim Dividend 2008-092.8p12/12/20089/1/2009
Final Dividend 2007-08 7.0p 18/7/200815/8/2008
Interim Dividend 2007-082.8p7/12/20074/1/2008
Final Dividend 2006-07 6.2p 13/7/200710/8/2007
Interim Dividend 2006-072.3p 8/12/20065/1/2007
Final Dividend 2005-06 5.1p 14/7/200611/8/2006
Interim Dividend 2005-061.9p 2/12/20056/1/2006
Final Dividend 2004-05 4p1/7/20055/8/2005
Interim Dividend 2004-051.5p 3/12/20047/1/2005
Final Dividend 2003-04* 3p 2/7/20046/8/2004
Interim Dividend 2003-04* 1.125p5/12/20039/1/2004
Final Dividend 2002-03* 2p4/7/20038/8/2003
Interim Dividend 2002-03* 0.75p6/12/200210/1/2003
Final Dividend 2001-02* 1.375p 5/7/20029/8/2002
Interim Dividend 2001-02* 0.625p7/12/2001 11/1/2002
* Dividend figure given here is adjusted following 4:1 share split on 6th August 2004.

**As announced on the 10th April 2015, the Directors have decided to withhold dividends following the acquisition of Naked Wines. Reinstatement of the Dividend was in H1 2017.

To lodge a request to receive Dividends or Interest on your shares please complete the Dividend Mandate Form and return to Capita at:

The Registry,
34 Beckenham Road,