Analyst Estimates and Recommendations

Analyst Recommendations

Investec BUYBenedict Hunt
Peel HuntHOLDJonathan Pritchard
Liberum HOLDWayne Brown
StifelBUYEleonora Dani
Information correct as of 27th May 2020.

Analyst Consensus

Actuals (LFL)
Avg Cons
Avg Cons
Avg Cons
Sales retention81%82%82%82%
Year 1 payback69%69%69%
New customer contribution (i.e. Investment)(19.1)(22.7)(25.3)(28.2)
Repeat customer contribution39.845.853.261.1
Fixed costs(23.6)(24.8)(26.1)(28.1)
Adjusted EBIT(2.9)(1.7)1.74.8
Net finance expense(0.8)(0.3)0.40.4
Adjusted PBT(3.7)(1.9)2.15.2
Total sales178.4200.8231.8265.8
Sales growth12.6%15.4%14.7%
Information correct as of 24th April 2020.

The figures above are a simple arithmetic average of the most recent forecasts that have been provided to Naked Wines plc by registered investment analysts. As such, the figures do not give greater weight to more recent forecasts or to the forecasts of any individual analyst, nor are they adjusted to exclude forecasts that pre-date a significant announcement or event, and therefore may or may not represent the market consensus. These average estimates are not endorsed by Naked Wines, nor does Naked Wines assume any obligation to update or revise them after the date above.