What makes us special

What is the problem we are solving?

Good wine is too expensive. And despite that, winemakers don’t make any money.

In a traditional model, winemakers have to buy their grapes, manufacture their product, bottle, label, and market their goods – all before they get paid. Small producers are often forced into cutting corners and squeezing costs to make ever diminishing margins – and quite often – the quality of the grape is sacrificed.

We turn that traditional model on its head.

Our winemakers are funded before they start, freeing them to buy the best grapes and then focus on what they do best – making amazing wine. That makes all the difference.

How do we solve it?

We are not just another online wine retailer – we don’t just buy and sell wines

Like Netflix, we create original content which is better drinking and better value than off-the-shelf wines. People are much more interested in real wines, made by real people, than in big brands so we headhunt talented winemakers who make some of the best and most famous wines in the world.

All of them want to set up their own business but they have two problems:

  1. They don’t have the cash to do it – we help with that.
    Our Angels take out a monthly subscription, which gives us working capital that we can invest at the other end of the supply chain. Essentially, our customers’ funding replaces the money that retailers would normally provide near the end of the process, when they’re holding all of the cards and winemakers are in a tough spot.
  2. Good winemakers are bad salesmen and vice versa – so we do all that for them.
    We do a lot to help winemakers get the fruits of their labours out to our customers, just like publishers do for authors. This could involve giving them access to our winery in the US, putting it in bottles, sorting out warehouse space, corks, packaging, trucks and more. Every time, it will look a little different, with each winemaker needing more or less help.

Why can we do that better than anyone else?

For the same reason that Netflix can produce award winning shows that grip the viewers’ attention, year after year:

  1. Our customers – we call them Angels – are subscribers, and they provide us with a £100m+ stream of cash to invest in wine production every year. We use that to fund some of the best winemakers in the world to make exclusive wines at preferential prices for our Angels.
  2. We have unrivaled customer data in the form of over 23 million reviews and ratings – so we know exactly what kind of wines people are going to like, allowing us to invest with confidence.

Customers are good judges of what’s going to work – in many cases, better than we are. Before the product even hits the shelves, they’ve started a relationship with the person who’s making it – therefore by the time the product materialises, we have a ready-made audience.